Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Issue 14: Jan-Feb 2013 is now available!

Outlaws and legends: the January-February edition (issue 14), our crime special, has arrived!
  • Ned Kelly’s secret love? A descendant of the iconic bushranger’s alleged flame puts forward his case
  • Discover your family history to trace lawbreaking ancestors with Shauna Hicks’s guide to criminal records
  • Delve into 1930s murder mysteries with award-winning crime authors Stephen Orr and Sulari Gentill
  • We introduce the early Australian convict indents that have been digitised in colour for the first time
  • Was your ancestor a Remittance Man? Helen Leggatt shows you how to find out
  • Inside History readers share tips for deciphering tricky handwriting on historical documents
  • Plus there's much more, including opportunities to network with other genealogists, giveaways, and book and app reviews!

And much more – in fact, 76 pages of terrific features, practical information on genealogy, chances to network with other family historians, and book and app reviews. On sale now online - click here to buy!

 Issue 14 is available in newsagents nationally - click here to see where. If your local newsagent doesn't stock us though, then they should be able to put a standing order in for you from Gordon & Gotch [G&G] - our title number is 11904 and G&G is on 1300 650 66, if your agent asks.  Once your newsagent sends in your request, we'll make sure that our next Issue 15: Mar-Apr 2013 is sent there for you!


From Australia’s most iconic bushranger through to First Fleet convicts and 1930s murder mysteries, Issue 14 of Inside History takes a walk through the dark alleyways and shady backstreets of our nation’s past.

Of the many outlaws and legends in Issue 14, Ned Kelly — our cover boy — is one of the most famous, divisive and intriguing. In an exclusive interview, we hear from a descendant of Ned’s alleged secret love, who puts forward his case and reveals his spine-tingling discoveries about the Kelly gang.

Delve into your own family history mysteries with our report of Inside History readers’ best tips for deciphering historical documents: they should help you crack the code. Along with our investigation into the scandals of remittance men, our guide to criminal records by renowned genealogist Shauna Hicks will see you snooping through the archives to uncover your ancestors’ dastardly deeds.

The chilling crime fiction story idea that inspired grisly real life murders in the 1930s West Australian outback is recounted by author Stephen Orr. Meanwhile, author Sulari Gentill discusses the importance of historical research to her crime fiction writing, where fact and fiction are interwoven.

Cracking open the case of the Eureka Stockade, we examine a long-standing myth surrounding the uprising using clues and tipoffs from historical sources. And, of course, what crime edition would be complete without an appearance by our convict forebears? We trace early convicts’ attempts to sneak around the colonial justice system, as revealed through records.

Family history sleuths and armchair detectives alike will appreciate the latest edition of Inside History. This issue will set your mind ticking and pulse racing as you examine some of the most famous, and infamous, cases and characters from Australian history — and perhaps uncover outlaws and legends in your own family history.

Packed as always with in-depth family history research advice, the latest news and events, and features on Australia’s social history and heritage, Inside History is a bi-monthly magazine for people who are passionate about the past. It’s available from newsagents nationally, on iPad via Apple Newsstand, and for Android and desktop computers through Zinio. Or subscribe and have it delivered straight to your door.

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