How To :: Subscribe to iPad

If you're reading this, you've probably decided to download our free iPad app and either purchase a single iPad issue or subscribe to our magazine, Inside History. Well, that's good news and a good decision, our iPad magazine is cheaper than the print and includes things that you can't put in a paper magazine, like video and audio from oral histories and interviews, and links that take you straight to the internet, so your research can start away while you read our magazine.

Here's some help with how to set up Inside History on your iPad and make sure you'll never miss an issue!

Step 1.  Do you have an iPad?

If no, you need to get one! They will change your life. Go to your nearest Apple Retailer - click here to search - or buy online on the Apple Store. Don't forget that students get discounts - click here to find out more on student discounting at your place of study.

Step 2.  Download the free Inside History iPad app

There are 3 easy ways to find our iPad app:
  1. type "Inside History iPad" into a Google search, or
  2. go straight to our iPad app - click here to go to our app page, or 
  3. open App Store on your iPad and type "Inside History" into the search box in the top right corner

Tap "Search" on your keypad:

Tap "Free" button, next to Inside History app.
App Store will then open Newstand and begin installing our free app:

During installation, you'll be asked ""InsideHistory" Would like to Send You New Issues and Push Notifications". Tap "OK":

You may then be asked "Restore Purchases. Would you like to restore your existing purchases?" Tap "Restore" even if you haven't made any purchases:

You will be prompted at this stage for your Apple ID Password. Enter your password and tap "OK", and you will be returned to a page showing all issues available to date. Issues 7, 8 and 9. Other back issues will be made available on iPad over the coming months:

Now you're ready to subscribe or buy a single issue. To do either, simply click on the issue image you want to purchase. Please note, that subscriptions can only start from the "Latest Issue" or the issue that is currently in the newsagents - you are not able to purchase a subscription starting with a future issue.

If you already have the latest issue as a paper magazine and don't want to duplicate, then please wait for the next edition to be released before subscribing for either 6 or 12 months.

Step 3.  Subscribing to Inside History magazine on iPad

To subscribe, tap on the "Latest Issue" image highlighted with a badge:

Tap on "Six months $19.99" to purchase a 6 month subscription or 3 issues
Tap on "One year $39.99" to purchase a 12 month subscription or 6 issues

You will be prompted to "Confirm Your Subscription".
Tap "Confirm" if the message describes your intended subscription purchase.
You will be prompted at this stage for your Apple ID Password. Enter your password and tap "OK"
You will be prompted to allow App Store to share basic subscriber information with Inside History e.g. name, email, post code in accordance with our Privacy Policy:

Please tap "Allow" and then you may be prompted to verify your purchase:

Tap "Continue", enter your Apple ID password and tap "OK". You may then be prompted to confirm your subscription a final time:

Please tap "Buy" and then enter Apple ID Password and tap "OK", if prompted. Your subscription will now download:

You can now access your Inside History magazine on iPad! With the release of each issue, you will receive a message that your latest edition is ready for download. This can happen in the background while you work on other apps.

Step 4.  You can also now go back and purchase your back issues as single editions.

Step 5. Happy Reading! Here are some tips on how to use your iPad: