Monday, May 16, 2011


Don't miss out on our giveaways! There are 2 great prizes up for grabs!


[1]  Notorious Australian Women by Kay Saunders

Read about some of our famous (and infamous) women…

Bushrangers, cross-dressers and escaped convicts — Kay Saunders latest book Notorious Australian Women takes a look at some of the less than conventional ladies of Australia’s past. Resourceful, cunning, ruthless or ambitious, these gals snubbed the cultural norms of the colony and forged their own paths — for wealth, equal rights or even just their basic freedoms. Inside History is giving away five copies of this fantastic book to some of our lucky readers. As Saunders explains in her interview (see page 13), when researching your family history, context is everything. Don’t miss out on a tell-tale glimpse into the colonial conditions women, and quite possibly your own ancestors, were faced with.

To enter, send your name and contact details to Inside History, Notorious Australian Women Giveaway, PO Box 406 Erskineville NSW 2043 or email by 5pm, June 28, 2011.

[2]  Win one of five copies of Unlock the Past’s latest publication!

Unlock the Past has released the first Australian and New Zealand History and Genealogy directory — and to celebrate Inside History is giving away five copies to our readers! This inaugural annual edition features 300 beautiful colour pages jam-packed with fantastic resources, including a products, services and organisations directory, 66 new research articles and more than $700 worth of vouchers. Topics explored in this edition include practical tips for writing and researching family history, as well as a wealth of new and exciting sources available for you to access. This book is a must-have for any passionate historian’s bookshelf.

To enter, send your name and contact details to Inside History, Unlock the Past Giveaway, PO Box 406 Erskineville NSW 2043 or email by 5pm, June 28, 2011

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