Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Libraries - find yours today

We love libraries here at Inside History Magazine. Is it the smell, what we've discovered there in past visits, the excitement of the hunt, our hunger for learning and new ideas or is it the brilliant, giving people that tend to work in libraries? Probably all of the above but one thing we're very sure of, our communities and society overall would be much the lesser without them.

If you haven't been to your local library lately, then here's a taster of what they very likely have to offer to everyone in their communities, and most of it is free of charge.
  • Read for free - hardcopy and ebooks
  • Magazines and newspapers for free
  • Find your family history for free
  • Free periodical searches
  • Free internet and Wi-Fi
  • Borrow DVDs for free
  • Listen to CDs for free 
How do you access these services? Getting a library card is simple. Just visit your local library, complete an application form, show your ID and access to these and more free services will be yours.

Find your library today, with the National Library of Australia or contact your local council.

a fine romance #12 | 2005 | Source: http://www.prudenceflint.com
a fine romance #14 | 2005 | Source: http://www.prudenceflint.com
a fine romance #21 | 2005 | Source: http://www.prudenceflint.com

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